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The CPNP Foundation, from time to time, recognizes donors who exemplify the values of the Foundation as reflected in their sustained support, dedication to evidence-based care, and commitment to meeting the needs of patients living with psychiatric and neurologic disorders and their families. We feature Dr. Chris Paxos in this issue of Kaleidoscope. The CPNP Foundation Board of Directors sincerely thanks Dr. Paxos for his commitment to the Foundation’s mission.

Dr. Paxos is Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) College of Pharmacy and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at NEOMED College of Medicine in Rootstown, Ohio. He is also Pharmacotherapy Specialist in Psychiatry at the Akron General Medical Center – an affiliate of the Cleveland Clinic in Akron, Ohio. He accepted this shared faculty position upon completion of his residency training in 2008.

Dr. Paxos was initially drawn to pursue a career in psychiatric pharmacy by observing a family member and friends struggle with mental illness, which he feels left a mark on his character. Additionally, he observed that many pharmacists are limited by their discomfort in providing medication counseling regarding psychotherapeutic medications to patients with psychiatric disorders. He felt that he could make a difference for these patients by becoming a content expert in psychiatric pharmacotherapy. Lastly, he enjoyed studying CNS therapeutics in pharmacy school, and had the good fortune to complete an advanced pharmacy practice experience under the preceptorship of Phil Miller at Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. Subsequently, he was selected to do a residency with Dr. Gene Makela at West Virginia University Hospitals and the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy in Morgantown, WV.

When asked what initially prompted him to donate to the CPNP Foundation, he responded, “I initially was compelled to donate because I felt my contribution would benefit psychopharmacology and mental illness research and education.” He elaborated that he continues to support the Foundation “because of the Foundation’s progress and accomplishments, and because of the knowledge that my patients are the ones who will benefit.”

When discussing the Foundation initiatives which motivate him the most, he shared, “the initiatives pertaining to the advancement of best treatments for those living with psychiatric and neurologic disorders motivate me the most. Some projects, such as a guide detailing the care that should be expected from pharmacies, will be immediately useful for individuals and their families. Similarly, I believe developing resources for our colleagues in general practice settings is an excellent idea which will help those pharmacists provide the best care possible for patients with mental illnesses.” Dr. Paxos believes that the Foundation makes the most impact by providing education and resources to patients, families, and pharmacists, and he believes that the Foundation’s impact will grow larger over time.

Regarding his support of the Foundation in the future, he states, “Seeing the wonderful work done by the Foundation continues to compel me to make donations each and every year. Plus, you get to call yourself a hippocampus! How cool is that?”

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