1. Grant Payments: Grant awards will be paid with a mailed check. All grant awards will be paid in full (100%) in 1 single payment, unless the grant application specifies otherwise.
  2. Overhead, Facilities, & Administration Fees: As an approved 501(c)3 organization, the AAPP Foundation's policy is to not pay overhead, facilitates, or administration fees. These fees should not be included in grant budgets.
  3. Membership Dues: Membership dues are not allowed in grant budgets.
  4. Registration & Travel Funds: If a grant award includes money designated for registration and/or travel to the AAPP Annual Meeting, these funds will be included in the award payment, and the award recipient will be responsible for using the funds for this purpose.
  5. Changes in Scope (Budget and/or Project): All changes in scope (budget and/or project) must be approved by the AAPP Foundation. Requests should be sent to info@aappf.org. Failure to report changes in scope may result in a request for funds to be returned.
  6. Remaining Grant Funds After Project Conclusion: All remaining grant funds should be returned to the AAPP Foundation paid by a single check mailed to 8055 O Street, Ste. S113, Lincoln, NE 68510. The grant memo should indicate “remaining grant funds” and include the name of the principal investigator.