Characterizing the Relationship Between Individuals with Mental Health Conditions and Community Pharmacists - Results from a 2012 Survey

In collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Foundation conducted research which revealed that while many patients with mental illness and their caregivers value their professional relationship with their pharmacist, many others do not have such a relationship. Those without such a relationship may be missing the opportunity to benefit from the professional services that pharmacists can offer. Read the complete report.


The Mental Health Pharmacy Directory

The Mental Health Pharmacy Directory was designed to connect individuals and healthcare professionals with pharmacies who provide services and compassionate care to patients living with mental illness. This directory assisted patients, their caregivers, and their health care team by allowing them to search for mental health pharmacies (MHP) in their area who had specialized knowledge about the medications they take for conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. The project was discontinued in June 2018.



Stigma and Psychiatric Disorders [VIDEO]

At the 2015 CPNP Annual Meeting, the Foundation supported programming entitled “Stigma and Psychiatric Disorders: Understanding and Managing Personal Biases." That program is available as a resource for all healthcare practitioners.



Stigma Research Project

The Foundation has placed a priority upon enhancing our understanding of the issues around stigma and social distancing among community pharmacists as a beginning point to make inroads in decreasing stigma among all healthcare providers. The Foundation collaborated with Dr. Vincent Giannetti and colleagues at the Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy to explore community pharmacists’ knowledge of and attitudes toward mental illness, comfort and confidence in dealing with persons with mental illness, and the services they provide to this population via a comprehensive national survey. 

The results of the survey were compiled and published in a paper titled, Community pharmacists and mental illness: a survey of service provision, stigma, attitudes and beliefs.

The AAPP Foundation encourages the use and reference of this paper for pharmacies working to become more mental health friendly, for the training and education of community pharmacists, for research, etc.

Those who participated in this project include Charlie Caley, Jerry McKee, Barbara Wells, and Dean Najarian. Collaborators from Duquesne University include Vince Gianetti, Khalid Kamal, Jordan Covvey, Tyler Dunn, and Pratyusha Vadagam.