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Thanks to our amazing donors, the AAPP Foundation awarded 28 student grants for full, in-person registration to the 2023 AAPP Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Recipients were selected based on the merits of their applications and many students passed along their thanks. Please enjoy a sampling of these messages below.


“My name is Audrey Long, and I am a P3 pharmacy student at North Dakota State University, and I want to personally thank you for your donation and support for the student grant program last year. It has been a goal of mine to participate in an AAPP national conference since the start of my P1 year, and because of your financial support, I am finally able to attend. Since the beginning of pharmacy school, I have had a strong interest in psychiatric pharmacy, and it is my goal to someday become a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist and work in a hospital position in which I can have regular interaction with those with mental illnesses and substance used disorders.

The last two years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to conduct psychiatric research with the head of NDSU's Pharmacy Practice Department. I will be presenting my research at this conference, and I am one of the finalists for the AAPP Foundation Strategic Goals Award. I really look forward to discussing my research with individuals who share a passion for helping those with mental illness. I am so grateful for the contribution you are making toward my future by helping me attend this conference. I know it will be a very educational experience that will teach me about psychiatric pharmacists' roles, emerging research in the field, and modern advancements to psychiatric pharmacy care. Thank you so much."

Audrey Long
PharmD Candidate 2024
NDSU School of Pharmacy

“My name is Madison Noble. I am a current P3 at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy. This will be my first time attending and presenting a poster, and I am beyond grateful to have been awarded financial support to do so. I received my B.S. in clinical neuroscience from Virginia Tech in 2020, and am continuing my education by pursuing a doctorate of pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University. I have always had a passion for this field and am thrilled to be able to learn more about it while at the annual conference. While in pharmacy school, I was elected president of our student chapter of AAPP and now act as a student advisor for our chapter that was established in 2020. Having recently been established, I am also looking forward to networking with other student leaders and gaining new ideas to take home to our chapter. Once again, thank you for your generous donation. I am deeply appreciative of your support.”

Madison Noble
PharmD Candidate 2024
Virginia Commonwealth University

"My name is Saumyaa Patel, and I am a 2nd year pharmacy student at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. I am extremely grateful for the contribution you are making toward my future and the future of the psychiatric pharmacy profession through this great educational opportunity. I have been an active member of our UT collegiate chapter of AAPP since my P1 year last year, and currently serve as Vice President (and will serve as President next year). I can say with confidence that my involvement with UT-AAPP has turned out to be the most life-changing experience of pharmacy school. As a P2 now, I have already learned so much through my leadership roles within UT-AAPP and met incredibly inspirational individuals. This year, I was honored to receive the opportunity to work with our faculty advisors Drs. Catanzano and Loera to apply for and receive an AAPP Student Chapter Impact Grant. As part of this grant, we are holding a longitudinal series of wellness workshops in collaboration with Austin Clubhouse, which is a non-profit organization serving people living with Serious Mental Illnesses (SMIs).

I am confident that attending AAPP 2023 will allow me to continue exploring the various niches available within psychiatric pharmacy, and to hear about pharmacotherapeutic or legislative areas that current pharmacists believe need increased attention from future pharmacists like myself. I cannot adequately express how excited and grateful I am for your donation and for the opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals who are also equally dedicated to optimizing patient care and expanding access to treatment!"

Saumyaa Patel
PharmD Candidate 2025
The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

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