Download the CPNP Foundation's Strategic Plan

Vision: A world in which individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders receive optimal treatment, live free of stigma, and achieve their full potential.

Mission: To focus on individuals living with psychiatric and neurologic disorders, their families, and healthcare professionals in general practice settings to further evidence-based treatment.

Over the next four years, we will focus significant resources on the following core goals:

  • Advancing Best Treatments: Create initiatives and collaborative partnerships to advance best treatments for individuals living with psychiatric or neurologic disorders
  • Communication: Establish ongoing, accessible communication of the foundation’s mission, goals, and initiatives to raise awareness and promote engagement
  • Financial: Develop a stable, growing, and diversified base to fund identified projects and initiatives with annual increases in budget
  • Board Governance and Effectiveness: Establish a culture that fosters passion and participation by engaging board members and dedicated individuals to accomplish the mission of the Foundation